Skye Book And Brew

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148 E. Main St.
Dayton, WA 99328


Last stop for the day we hit for dinner Skye Book and Brew. Yeppers a book store with a brewery inside. We found it and only about an hour from our home base which for the weekend was in Richland Washington. On the small main street this place was pretty unassuming and looked like a regular book store. There where about 15 tables in the middle for people to eat and books all over the sides and in the back for you to read or even buy. I found the old Dayton High school year books near our table. Saw that Dayton had one hell of a football team back in 1961. I was wondering do these guys even live around here or have the long since moved on? The food was comparable to a regular pub grindage. The beers where not too bad some needed work and others where pretty darn good. I really liked the winter stout as the flavors where very good and filled with tons of great dark malts and coffee and chocolate flavors. The Scottish was dark and that was also followed with a great finishing flavor. The IPA was nice also with a good flavor of hops. The food was pretty decent and plenty of it. We had a nice time and after reading more about the town we are sure to come back and visit when we have more time. Skye Book and Brew we where not sure what we would find but we where happy once we did.

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