6th Annual Strange Brewfest – Port Townsend, WA

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January, 30 2010

First I need to apologize to all those I bumped into at the festival. If you where there you would understand. Way too many people the festival was so over crowded that it was actually hard to move, think, breath or even gain a semblance of what was really going on. No real lines, no tap lists of what was available only 2 porta-johns in the vicinity. This was a mess from the word go.

Now for the reason I was there the beers and they where great. There were some very interesting names, tastes and funky additions to the brews. Big Al brewing added peanut butter to a stout which was creamy and nutty in the flavor. Elkhead Brewing which has popped to the beer scene with fervor had some excellent brews with the Royal Black Imperial Stout what flavor. Fish Brewing out of Olympia had a Fish beer yes they added Bonito fish (Mackerel family) to a blonde and the beer was tasty. Called a Bonito Blonde it was very good and not much as for the fish taste but a great blonde never less. Georgetown brewing had a Donkey Duex and wow this cherry dubble was the shizzle in my humble opinion. Flyers with a red pepper porter. Laht Neppur adding to the backwards name thing had a “Booter Reer” yes root beer had the aroma some of the taste then the finish fell to the floor. 192’ very new to the scene had Apple ale that hit the mark it was small with aroma but filled with some good green apple flavors. Anacortes brewing with a creamsicle pale it was tasty but also finished off. Grove Street Brewing has a Smoked porter that was barrel aged in Merlot barrels. Oh wow the flavors where magnificent. Water Street brewing also had excellent strange brew they made up single hop pale ale. As you can tell I did not get to try them all I just don’t have the superman liver.

For this beer geek I will be sure to check and see if the event has moved to a bigger location before I go back. The poor crowd management and small area made for bad taste in my mouth experience – no pun intended. I will say I was glad I have finally been to a Strange Brew festival the beers are certainly strange.

Participating Brewers –
7 Seas Brewing • 192 Brewing Company • Anacortes Brewing Co. • Big Time Brewing Co. • Big Al Brewing Co. • Cascade Brewing Co. • Chuckanut Brewery • Crispin Cider • Elkhead Brewing Co. • Elliott Bay Brewing Co. • Elysian Brewing Co • Finnriver Cider • Fish Brewing Co. • Flyers Brewery • Georgetown Brewing Co. • Grove Street Brewhouse • Hale’s Brewery • Iron Horse Brewery • Laht Neppur Brewing Co. • Odin Brewing Co. • Pike Brewing Co. • Port Townsend Brewing Co. • Ram Brewing – Northgate • Red Hook Brewery • Silver City Brewing Co. • Water Street Brewing

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