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Headless Mumby Brewing – Breaking News

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Breaking News.  The last thing I want to do is report the news.  I want content that makes you the beer person fall in love with “Craft Beer” just as I have for the past 20 plus years.   Reviews, and fun stories and the news I got yesterday was some of the closest to home and heart worst news.

Headless Mumby Brewing has reported they are looking to close soon.  Wait, what, hold on let me understand what I am reading.  I’m on a bad knee and one repaired one let me hobble over as fast as I can. Noooooooooo…  I’ll be there soon… Do not close those doors just yet…

Wednesday3–7:30 PM
Thursday3–7:30 PM
Friday3–9 PM
Saturday1–7:30 PM
Sunday1–7:30 PM
Tuesday3–7:30 PM

From Headless Mumby Brewing Company (Facebook)

We have some bad news to share. We’ve been in a dispute with our landlords for the last few months (they got attorneys, we got attorneys. Good times!). We are being forced to move. Our taproom is still open until we run out of beer. Maybe next week, maybe the end of the month. The ultimate “Act Now While Supplies Last!”

This is absolutely nothing I ever thought I’d say, but this may be the end for Headless Mumby. If we don’t land on our feet, we want you to know that we have enjoyed getting to know each of you over the years.

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Headless Mumby Address – 232 Division St NW, Olympia, WA,98502
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/headlessmumbybrewing
Web Page – https://www.headlessmumbybrewing.com

The Beer line up that I have become so acquainted with.

Smoked Rye Lager- 5.0%ABV
Flagship lager. Moderate smoked malt presence. Hefty doses of Munich and rye malts. Subtle noble hops. Winner of multiple awards, including Gold in the 2022 World Beer Cup Rye Beer Category.

German Pils- 5.4%ABV
Light and crisp. 100% German pilsner malt finished with Hallertau hops. Pleasant lingering bitterness.

Dark Czech Lager- 5.6%ABV
Dark European-style lager. Light in body. Moderate roast. Saaz hops.

NW Amber Lager- 6.6%ABV
Vienna lager inspired by the Pacific Northwest. Bready malt aromatics. Copious amounts of classic American hops.

Local 66 American Lager- 4.8%ABV
Created to support organized labor and workers’ rights, Local 66 American lager is an American-style premium lager brewing with pilsner malt and flaked rice. A light yet flavorful lager that is very quaffable.

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