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Breweries of the South Sound – 2023

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Years ago, I moved to Olympia WA years ago, and I was ready for a new adventures.  But wait, I was moving to a town with just one brewery.  Fish Brewing had taken over for what Olympia Brewing had left.  However, it was time for more.  I knew this community could support more than one brewery.  As time passed this dream became reality.  Without further ado the new generation of breweries in Olympia Washington – Thurston County AKA – The South Sound.

Coming north from Portland just 114 miles or south 60 miles from Seattle sits Olympia WA.  Tacoma and Olympia will always fight who’s the “South Sound” but for now let’s just consider the Thurston County area.

So, no one brewery gets bent, and, in this community, one is bound to get bent.  We’ll go from oldest to youngest.

Top Rung Brewing –
8343 Hogum Bay Ln NE,
Lacey, WA 98516

Top Rung Brewing – 12 taps, craft beer at it’s finest.  You can find great beer, food and always a good conversation with the bartenders.  Ales, lagers and always something new.  Must try the Award winning My Dog Scout Stout and for me the Shift Trade IPA never disappoints. Sure, I got some ties here.  😉
You want sports or live music they have events all the time.  Pizza is new and food trucks roll in from time to time.  Look on their webpage or Facebook for the info.

Three Magnets Brewing –
600 Franklin St SE STE 105,
Olympia, WA 98501

Three Magnets Brewing – The meaning of Three Magnets – the town, the country, and the town-country. If you clicked the link join the club, I had to read it twice.   You want great beer, added Nonalcoholic beer choices then Three Magnets is the place.  You arrive and there is beer, soccer, and well more beer.  Food options are local food trucks add local bands from time to time.  Take the IPAs, NA beer and the Sours you got the Three Magnets of beer for me.  Ok, bad word play.  Check Facebook for the most recent beer releases and food, and music.  IPA are my fave and they have the hops.  Scherler Easy lager for the days I’m working in the yard.

Matchless Brewing Company –
8036 River Dr SE #208
Tumwater, WA 98501

Matchless Brewing comes to Tumwater and ends the drought of Brewing in the area.  Big hoppy beers, sours, and lots of barrel projects.  Come to Matchless for the beer, music, and large living room type atmosphere.  Sit on a couch relax and let the vast open brewery atmosphere take you away.  Food is available with food trucks and great music can always be found.  Enjoy a hoppy IPA, tart sour and look/taste for the unique blends they have come up with. One will not go away thirsty.  Check Facebook for up-to-date events and beer releases.  Close by Triceratops Brewing backs up to Matchless makes for the two breweries hop very easy.

Triceratops Brewing Company –
8036 River Dr SE #203
Tumwater, WA 98501

Visiting Triceratops you’re going to find beer, and more beer.  Look to Facebook for specials and food trucks and new beers dropping.  IPAs and their passion for the East coast as they have a proclivity for the old East coast breweries.   Backing up to Matchless brewing as stated prior makes a great way to spend an afternoon hopping between places.

Well 80 Artesian Brewing –
514 4th Ave E
Olympia, WA 98501

You arrive downtown Olympia and there on an artesian well which happens to be number 80. The water that put Olympia on the beer making map.   Add great food, beer and Olympia beervana history you have Well 80.  Artesian IPA, and the famous Lager ’64 which is made from an Olympia brewery recipe and added they also have a Beer master from that era guiding their Head Brewer.  Well 80 has added to the downtown Olympia Beer scene and made quite the splash.  I always love the Chicken and waffles well because – Waffles. Facebook updates are a must follow as they add events and trivia weekly.

Headless Mumby –
232 Division St NW
Olympia, WA 98502

Headless Mumby Brewing – Love the name but stay for the beer.  Lagers, then more lagers and only lagers.   Yes, they brew and love their lagers.  Once you’re there you will understand.  Lager 66 for the local union they belong to.  IPL (India Pale Lager) makes one go wow, lager texture with the hops flavor.  Dark lagers add to the mix and flavors.  One does not leave Headless Mumby without becoming a fan.  They have food trucks, events and great real albums playing all the time check Facebook for updates.  Most never seen a Headless Mumby, but they are out there lurking.

Hoh River Brewing –
2442 Mottman Rd SW
Tumwater, WA 98512

Hoh River came along and brought new, fun and excitement.  The beers range from hoppy IPAs, add lagers and dark and thick stouts.  Bring your food and they will provide the beverages needed.  Look for the hot pepper beers and the flavored goses’ they will impress.  Music can be found and plenty of space to relax.  Fun location and with a distillery attached you can find something for all those imbibing.  Check Facebook for the latest releases.

As this is being written I know of one more getting ready to open.  ILK Beer.  I’ll be checking them out as soon as they open.  located in the old Fish Brewery space they will be welcome addition to the area.  They have some old personalities we all in the area will know.  Ilk on Instagram has lots of updates.

I know there are two others in town, but they are taprooms not the actual breweries those are located out of the area being covered. So, hold your horses and a story will come sooner than later.

Who’s ready to try a one day – Thurston County Cannonbrew Run?

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