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Russian River Hop Growers Tribute Series: CLS Farms

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Russian River Brewing – Hop Growers Tribute Series: CLS Farms

It’s been a minute or two lets so see if I can get this going.  Fun, tasty and relaxed.

A while back when Russian River Brewing pulled form the WA market it was a sad day in the Pac NW.  Finally after a few year hiatus they are back in the region and, with a few Pliny the Elder already drank. I saw this in the local beer store and had to try it.  First off, I love fresh hop beers.

Hop Growers Tribute Series: CLS Farms – Brewed with 100% CLS Farms grown hops, a 5th generation family farm located in the heart of the Yakima Valley.

Fresh this beer was flavorful and filled with some amazing aromas.  Brewed with Chinook, Comet, El Dorado, and Zappa hops.  This fresh hop IPA is crisp and easy drinking with notes of citrus, pine, and stone fruits. I was so happy to pick up this beer.  I am a true fan of Russian River Beers, and if you get a chance to try this beer or any of their beers you will be very thankful.  Hats off to the brewers.  I will be looking to try many more.  Who’s ready for a road trip to Santa Rosa?

Russian River Brewing


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