Zwickelmaina 3.0 this weekend.  Oregon breweries all across the great Beervana state are going to open for special open house celebrations.  There are busses to take the vast groups around the preset tour routes.  Where to start and where to finish is being debated amongst the beer geek community.  Tomorrow 11:00am until 4:00pm this Geek will be on the N/NE route.  I have my good walking shoes, back pack and camera ready and charged.  “What is Zwickel?” I have heard on Twitter and Facebook.  So come on out and find out.   Visit, taste and see your favorite breweries or see some new ones there are a bunch.  Cheers until tomorrow.  Twitter and Untappd will be zinging with buzzes as people check in with there newly found treats. Click on the logo it will take you to the official site and you can start planning your Zwickel!

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