Finally after several attempts, sickness and snow storms, I made it to Trade Route Brewing in Pacific, WA.   Tucked away in a little industrial area of Pacific, I bet the locals are happy to have them there.  Great beer is flowing there.  To go back to the beginning – if you have been following the beer trades – Trade Route Brewing was formerly known as Laughing Buddha Brewing.  They changed after getting the order to stop using the name – lawyers take all the fun out of things! Now their beers were so widely sought after at the tasting room, they needed to move to increase capacity and availability to sell to the masses with a larger pub space. So they moved from South Seattle to Pacific.  Then the beers changed. Gone are the days of Asian fusion names and spiced brews.  Pandan Brown and Purple Yam Porter are gone and now it is all about Light Ales, Fruit Beers, Coffee Stouts and IPA’s to make your toe nails curl.  They have a new 253 Amber which is after the local area code. The beers are as tasty as ever and if you’re in the mood for music, they have quite the line up. If you need food, they have a few small snacks and you can order from the local pizza place which delivers right to you. Never forget the Popcorn is FREE…  I had a great time and was glad to have finally made it out to Trade Route.

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