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Festivus 2010

By March 5, 2021No Comments

Todays being Festivus it is time for the airing of grievances. This being a beer blog we will do it towards the beer community that we oh so love or do we?

Happy Festivus to the Rest of Us…
Airing of Beer Grievances.
First – Stone brewing I can’t read the bottle – Lukcy Basartd Ale.
Second – Stuffing road kill with a beer bottle.
Third – Distributors who miss my area all the time.
Fourth – Rogue we can’t reuse the bottles the labels never come off.
Fifth – Asheville get with is your not Portland.
Sixth – Portland your all ready weird let Asheville have something
Seventh – Hey Biketoberfest where do I park my car?
Eighth – Hey minibeer fest where are the big beer companies?
Ninth – Oktober fest first you misspelled and your in September!
Tenth – Beer Bloggers Conference or should we say a NOW Seminar!
Eleventh – The person in front of me at any beer festival – MOVE.
Twelfth – The Bus driver at BBC10 – 90 point turn Really!?!
Thirteenth – Seriously Spiral neck bottles are not going to make it taste better.
Fourteenth – Foursqaure and those who put in the wrong address for breweries.
Fifteenth – Twitter all those who twitter about beers I have yet to try.
Sixteenth – FaceBook you make it impossible to do work with all your updates.
Seventeenth – Airlines who lose your luggage that is full of awesome craft brews.
Eighteenth – Beer stores who carry what I need and have tons of great beers. I am going Broke!!!
Nineteenth – 3 beer festivals all on one day. I must conquer this quest.
Twentieth and last for this year – Those who serve beer for and don’t have MUNCHIES!!!

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