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Cream Ale with Coffee
5.7% abv

Base fermented with Kolsch yeast and cold conditioned on whole bean Jibicho coffee from Olympia Coffee Roasters. Bedhatu Jibicho is a single farmer from the village of Banko Gotiti, Gedeb, Ethiopia. Notes of berry and subtle citrus along with a warm and pleasant coffee flavor and aroma make for a perfect spring time sipper.

Double IPA
8.5% abv

WooHoo! is dripping in dank sticky resin and assertively hopped with Simcoe, Eureka, Citra, and Amarillo.  Big earthy melon and citrus pop out of the glass/can and will absolutely make hop heads exclaim “WooHoo!”

Double IPA
8.1% abv
THE PLAN was to brew a delicious Vic Secret IPA, so brewer Jeff went outside to walk on the SIDEWALK to ponder what ELSE he would put in the recipe. He stopped and sat under a willow tree, broke out his idea pad, and though he had BAD LIGHT, he wrote down some ideas. A truck passed by with it’s brights on and a trailer full of BROKEN CHAIRS. It made him TEMPORARILY BLIND, which gave him a high-school-acid-trip flashback, and briefly made him feel like he was the CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. He fell into a euphoric TIME TRAP to 2012 when he was sampling new experimental hops. He settled on HopSteiner Experimental #01210, now known as “Lemondrop”. Jeff was pleased with this concept, and quickly went back to the brewhouse to order his ingredients. He forgot to CARRY THE ZERO in his calculations, so this IPA turned into a double IPA. And YOU WERE RIGHT if when reading this, you thought it sounded like a delicious IPA

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