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Three Magnets Brewing – New Beers a Coming…

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Three Magnets Brewing has some new treats about to hit the shelves at your local beer stores.

Coffee IPA
6.8% abv
Collaborating with one of Washington’s most awarded craft coffee producers, Olympia Coffee Roasters, we always enjoy the intelligent conversation and finding nuanced flavors to pair between coffee and beer. Hailing from the Huila region of Columbia, San Sebastian Reserva coffee evokes hints of caramel and apple, bringing a soft warmth to the glass. We used whole bean coffee and steeped over a pound per barrel with a blend of Australian Vic Secret and NW Chinook hops. The result is a quintessentially coffee tasting tropical splash , summoning the best of both coffee and IPA, paired in perfect harmony.

Fruited Tart Table Beer
4.2% abv
Our latest farmhouse features 100% WA grown malt from Linc Foods in Spokane, WA and uses 35 pounds per barrel of rhubarb grown by E.G. Richter Family Farms of Puyallup, WA. Tart, dry and refreshing ‘Barb combines the best of WA agriculture and blends the farm to glass concept in a most delicious way.
Biere de Garde Style Ale
6.1% abv

French Biere de Garde Style Ale featuring 100% grown and malted barley varieties from Linc Malt in Spokane, WA. Slight amber in hue, with a clean yet nuanced aromatic, features the malt and yeast, while the French Barbe Rouge hops contribute a soft strawberry aromatic. Interwoven flavors of fresh baked biscuits, sun dried alfalfa, and Grandma’s strawberry jam.

India Pale Ale
6.8% abv
As we eschew the sunny days of summer, we also bring back one of our dear favorite beers. Sun IPA is consists of a simple grist of Washington grown 2-row and a hint of crystal malts. This clean IPA has a lovely crisp bitter balance and features a lemon cake aroma from the DDH of Citra, Chinook, and Centennial.

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