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SHOWDOWN ON BLUEBERRY HILL PT. 1 (Jeff’s Recollection of Events That Transpired)
Fruited Farmhouse Ale
5.2% abv

Our Saison collaboration with North Fork Brewery features Washington grown blueberry powder from Bow Hill Farms. This collaboration takes a unique twist when each brewer decides to diverge on how to treat the beer in it’s finishing stages. Jeff from Three Magnets conditioned his half on a combination of WA grown Royal Velvet lavender and orange peel. Light citrus and creamy lavender waft out of the glass, playing in harmony with the yeast esters and blueberry.  Featuring a malt base of all WA grown malts from Linc Foods of Spokane.

Milkshake IPA
7.2% abv
Partnering again with Washington’s oldest drive thru establishment is always a fun time in the brew house. July’s flavor of the month is Blood Orange cream, and features real blood orange puree and vanilla, creating a hybrid IPA/milkshake flavor. This beer is vegan and contains no lactose sugar, but finishes full bodied due to the use of unmalted wheat and oats in the mash, as well as an elevated mash temperature creating long chain sugars/dextrins.

Golden Ale
5% abv
We teamed with the Thurston County extension of WSU and their malting program to make this single malt Golden ale with a malt so new it doesn’t even have a name yet! Grown on Bunker Creek Road in Adna, WA as part of their “Ground to Glass” program and going by the moniker WA120.17, we did some rudimentary tests in the brewery before deciding on this variety for a full scale batch. The result is a super clean profile with the slightest touch of biscuit and hay. No doubt we will be looking for further partnerships with WSU and their fledgling malting program.  

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