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Three Magnets Brewing – Begins Bottling

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Three Magnets Brewing CoThree Magnets Brewing Company begins bottling, will release product in Olympia, Tacoma and Seattle markets.

About the Bottle Releases
Three Magnets Brewing will start their bottle releases with three beers from their Fresh Hop Series, one beer from their Farmhouse Series, and one beer from the Olympia Coffee Roasters Series. In months to come, Three Magnets will also introduce a Barrel Aged Series and a Chef Series, in which Head Brewer Pat Jansen will craft beers with Executive Chef Kyle Wnuk.

About the Series
The Wet Hop Series
Our 2015 Wet Hop Series releases consist of beers made with the same yeast and malts, but with different hops fresh off the bines from Washington farms.

The Farmhouse Series
Our 2015 Farmhouse Series uses our house saison yeast strains of Dupont, Fantome and Brett Drei, and consists of fresh beer releases and aged beer releases.

The Olympia Coffee Roasters Series
Our 2015 OCR Series is an ongoing partnership between two award winning craft beverage makers to make the most delicious coffee beers in the world.

About the Beers
El Dorado/Amarillo Wet Hop Pale Ale – 60IBU | 5.9%ABV
Just like the fruit bowl on the table, this beer has aromas of ripe fruit such as peach, and grapefruit. Subtle vinous flavours are noticed on the tongue and are quickly followed by the alpha acid zing from copious amounts of fresh, wet hops.

Mosaic Wet Hop Pale Ale – 60IBU | 5.9%ABV
Aromas of mango and apricot fill the sinuses. A touch of malty sweetness primes the palate for a slight citrus pithiness that lingers on the tongue, and serves as a delicious reminder of the hop juice you just tasted.

Citra Wet Hop Pale Ale – 60IBU | 5.9%ABV
Candied citrus coupled with a mild grassy dankness reveal itself to the nose. Grape and berry aromatics are also waiting to be revealed. Sweet citrus flavours wash the palate with flavor to be savored. Fresh Citra flowers are the star of the show here.

Dry Hopped Grisette Style Farmhouse Ale – 40IBU | 5.9%ABV
This modern spin on a Wallonian Grisette is made with barley, oat, wheat, rye and is fermented with our house saison and bret strains. The four malt profiles provide a smooth texture and silky mouthfeel. It is then dry hopped with Brewers Gold and Santiam hops for notes of lemon and spice respectively.

Olympia Coffee Roasting Big Truck Stout – 31IBU | 5.2%ABV
We start the series with perfectly brewed Big Truck Organic Espresso and Brimley Stout. We dreamed of the best stout you’ve ever had combined with the best coffee you’ve ever had. We created Big Truck Stout.

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