The Doors said it best with their song “People are Strange” at Strange Brewfest.

This past weekend the Strange Brewfest had moved to a new spot and they put on some pretty strange but damn tasty brews.  Flavors ranged from the very odd to the “holy cow that was tasty”.  Big Al Brewing once again used peanut butter in their special brew.  This time it was a Nut Warmer – a winter warmer ale with added peanut butter.  I really liked the flavor; subtle and blended well with the winter warmer ale.   7 Seas Brewing out of Gig Harbor had two brews, including the 7 Seas Bloody Seas, a hot bloody mary mixed ale.  The added pickled asparagus added nicely to the overall heat and flavor. Naked City was the fun brewery, adding candy to their brews.  Sour Patch Citra Ass Down IPA mixed IPA and sour flavors for a super brew.  After that keg blew they brought out a Naked City Hot Tamales Pils. How did they know that was my favorite candy as a kid?  Loved the flavor with subtle cinnamon made this very tasty.   Some new kids on the block came out with some interesting (strange) brews: Burris Brewing’s Snowballs was a winter warmer with thick caramel and maple syrup, dark malts and a mixed cinnamon flavor. There were so many good beers it is hard for me to write about them all. OK, really I could, but then the blog would never end.

So with The Doors reference at the start, I am going to continue with the same – “Come on, come on, come on, now touch me babe”.  The crowds were something again this year.  So if I somehow didn’t say it, I am sorry for bumping into you.   This festival has a great following.  The entire Elk Head Brewing crowd comes down.  Then a few hundred others from all over this area makes for one tight festival.  They moved to what they thought was going to be a bigger area, and when this Beer geek arrived it was perfect, but not for long.  Wham, and it was packed.  Port Townsend is a perfect place for this festival they just need to find a bigger venue.

This is one fantastic festival.  The crowds are into the strange beers. The music is funkywith a side of odd.  If you ever wonder what to do in the winter and need to get out of a rut, Strange Brewfest in Port Townsend is the place.  Last year I left not as happy, but this year I am going to say: I am now a Strange Brewfest Fan.  Go get Strange in Port Townsend.  Oh, did I mention a great night beer to go away with was the Almond Rocha Brown Ale by Flyers Brewing.

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