Fish Brewing Company – Olympia, WA

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Fish Brewing Company – Olympia, WA
515 Jefferson Street Southeast
Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 943-6480
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Give a man a Fish and he will drink it. Teach a man how to brew Fish and he will drink it all day every day. (Apologies to the Chinese proverb that was reworded.) The other day I had the chance to tour and talk with the head brewer Tony Powell over at Fish Brewing.  The first thing I realized when I arrived: this place is busy!  Brewers were moving about cleaning, mixing, measuring and making beer.  Tony took me around the brewing process and showed me why the expansion is so needed. Then he showed me the new Reel Ale Series that is coming out soon. They are going to release some special brews every few months. Some will be the same each year and others will be a new brew to experience and enjoy.    If you ever get the chance to visit Olympia, Fish Brewing needs to be on the top of your list as a must visit.  The Pub across the street will have all the libations that you need.  Get a sample tray of brews or settle in for a pint of your favorite.  The food selection is very tasty, especially the Ostrich burger.  If you never have tried a cider, try Fish’s own Spire Mountain Cider.  They have another line of brews – the Leavenworth series – that are all German style beers. I also learned that not all Fish beers are organic.  They have a few, with plans to have more in the coming years.

I was also surprised to learn that Fish brews the Fire Station brand carried in your local Fred Meyer stores here in the Pacific Northwest.

Remember the Pub is “21 and over” only and has a wide variety of brews available to quench your thirst.  Now back to my “Ten Squared”, one of the first in the Reel Ale Series.

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