Canfest 2013

Greetings Bloggers! Come one, come all. To CANFEST, that is! Our FOURTH year of the epic Beer Blogger Contest is now a GO.

You can join the likes of Josh Dion, Sean Inman, and the infamous BrewDad (Mike Besser) and get yourself a free trip to the 5th annual CANFEST on August 24th just for writing a blog post. We pay for plane, CANFEST tickets, food, hotel, and will pick you up in a limo.

The rules!
1.      Write an original blog post about one or more of the following:
– Why canned beer is awesome
– Why you deserve to come to CANFEST
– What you would do in Reno with canned beer

2.      It has to feature a link to the CANFEST website,, and the CANFEST Facebook,

3.      Be hosted on an established blog; meaning you didn’t just throw up a WordPress site to enter the contest.
Creativity is good. We’re fans of fun, silly antics, and photos.

Please email it to us NO LATER THAN 5PM PST ON MAY 31, 2013. Entries can be submitted to (so can questions about the contest).

We are going to compile them in an online voting tool where the most voted on entry will win the prize. Simple as that.

Ready. Set. Crack one open. Drink. Write. Remember to eventually hit “post”.

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