It’s East Coast vs. West Coast. Two good friends pitted against each other in the most important election this year. And we want the best man to win.

Unexpectedly, the annual beer blogger contest for the fourth annual CANFEST in Reno, Nevada, only garnered two entries this year: Gerard from Road Trips for Beer and Mike from BrewDad. We each wrote a post on our blogs talking about how we deserved to win the trip. Here are the links.



The organizers asked the two of us to campaign for votes, and the one with the most in a week will win a trip to the festival on November 3, 2012.

But this we won’t be your typical election. As mentioned, Gerard and Mike are good friends who first met at the 2010 Beer Bloggers Conference in Boulder, and have shared a few adventures – and misadventures – since. As much as we wish that we could both go, that will not be the case. So to be fair we are each posting this on our blogs, and linking to it from our FaceBook and Twitter accounts to garner votes.

Before we go too much further and you get bored, here’s the link to the voting page.

We have a Gentlemen’s Agreement we will abide by the vote with no sniping nor spreading of rumors.

So we ask that you please vote for who you think is the best.  We wish each other the best in this contest, and there will be no hard feelings no matter which one us wins.  Since there can only be one winner we want you guys to figure it out. 

Either way, you’ll be sending a great person to Reno and the other …  well, he gets a six-pack of local beer from the winner.  Canned, of course.

Thank you for taking the time to vote. 


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