We’re Preparing for the “End of Days” by Releasing our First Bottled Brew!

Airways Brewing Company
As our time on earth supposedly draws to an end, we’ve brewed up something special for what may be the last beer you’ll ever drink. But don’t worry—this big, bold stout is sure to make those enjoying it forget what potentially lies just ahead. Intended to be opened on December 20, the day before the predicted end of the world, Final Departure Imperial Stout boasts a 9.9 percent ABV and 75 IBUs. As Airways Brewing Company’s darkest beer yet, notes of coffee and chocolate give way to a toasty finish accompanied by a firm hop bitterness. For those who dare to take a chance, this limited edition stout was designed to get better with age, giving hope to the world after “the end of days.”

Note – I got a bottle the other day I am holding it for 12-21-12 and see if we all make it.  News to come. 

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