2008 Great Salt Lake Festivus – Beer Session

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Thanks first of all need to go out to the Utah crew for throwing such a great tasting event. Eric for hosting – pouring, Doug for picking me up, Mike for giving elite tasting tips, John well just for being John and making sure that BA was represented. This was quite an evening. You hear that Utah has weak beer then you where not with me on the 23rd. These where some of the best beers ever brewed in the world.

Taster 1 – Upland Brewing – Blueberry Lambic
Taster 2 – Struise – Tsjeeses Reserva – Abbey Triple
Taster 3 – Lost Abbey – The Angles Share – Barley Wine
Taster 4 – Russian River Toronado 20th Anniversary – Sour Ale.
Taster 5 – AleSmith Brewing – Barrel Aged Speedway Stout.
Taster 6 – Struise – Aardmonnik / Earthmonk – Sour Ale.
Taster 7 – Dogwood – Excellent Adventure – Barley Wine. (Brewery is out of Business)
Taster 8 – Firestone Walker XII – Strong Ale
Taster 9 – Dark Horizon (1st edition) – Imperial Stout.

Had a great time Thank you again to the Utah crew for throwing such a great party. Until next time and after some recuperation for my liver I will be back and ready for some more awesome liquid libations. Hey how did I end up at the zoo and hell guys really throwing me in with the over zealous monkeys.

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