Later this week I will be in Portland for the Beer Blogger Conference.  During the conference we are going to have the chance to view the new documentary – The Love of Beer.  Here is a snippet of what this movie is all about. I for one am excited to see this movie.

The Love of Beer is a documentary devoted to the stories and passion of the women at the forefront of the Pacific Northwest beer community. The beer industry is exploding; as of 2010, there are 1,759 breweries operating within the United States–1,716 of these are craft breweries. While the industry is expanding rapidly, growing 11% by volume in 2010, women within the industry are a vast minority. Out of the approximately 50,000 craft beer workers, only 598 currently belong to the Pink Boots Society, an organization for women in the industry.

Things weren’t always this way. Brewing used to be a household chore that fell upon women. Both Egyptian and Sumerian cultures have goddesses of beer, and in in the middle ages, fewer than 8% of brewers were male. It wasn’t until the industrial revolution that brewing shifted from a women’s small enterprise to the domain of (mostly male) factory workers. Beer and brewing gained a “men’s club” stereotype and, further enforced by marketing and popular media, the industry has remained a heavily male-dominated field.

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