Sam Adams IPA Hopology(Boston, MA) – The Boston Beer Company sent out its monthly newsletter on Friday and made note of a returning Samuel Adams pack.

Last year we brewed the limited-edition IPA Hopology variety pack for the hop lovers. Each IPA takes on a different hop character and builds upon it with layers of complex flavors inspired by unique combinations of ingredients and/or fusion with other beer styles. The outcry from Sam fans was so overwhelming that we had to bring it back for 2013.

Hopology is perfect for getting together with fellow hop heads and sampling the spectrum of flavors available in IPAs today. Styles included in the 2013 IPA Hopology variety pack, in the order we recommend sampling, are: Whitewater IPA, Grumpy Monk, Latitude 48 (new release for 2013 featuring Mosaic™ hops), Tasman Red, Dark Depths, and Third Voyage.

This variety pack will be a limited release again, so be sure to track one down in your area.

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