The Newest Member of the Rebel IPA Family Now Available in Bottles, Cans and on Draft

BOSTON, February 11, 2016– The brewers at Sam Adams announced today that they’re releasing the newest member of the Rebel family to craft beer lovers across the country with the nationwide launch of Rebel Grapefruit IPA in bottles and cans. Drinkers first got a taste of this thirst quenching IPA back in November when it was released on draft, and the brewers are now offering it year-round in bottles and cans.

Brewer’s Notes:
Brewed with real grapefruit – California-grown Star Ruby and Star Rio – Rebel Grapefruit IPA hits the palate with a juicy citrus punch.  These grapefruits are known for their thicker peel, and during the brewing process the peel is added in the kettle to give the beer a tart, sharp character. Before the beer is filtered, grapefruit juice is added for a sweet juiciness and to round out the bitterness from the peel. The grapefruit amps up the citrus and fruit notes of the four hop varieties, including Mosaic hops, which impart the tropical, citrus notes at the forefront of this beer.

In addition to Mosaic hops, three other hop varieties are added at different stages of the brewing process for even more hop flavor and aroma. The resulting beer is distinctly bright, with a juicy tartness that is complemented by the hops:

  • Mosaic (kettle & dry-hopping): Sweeter fruit notes of Mandarin orange, pineapple and grapefruit, with hints of eucalyptus
  • Centennial (dry-hopping): Medium citrus, intensely floral with hints of wood
  • Cascade (kettle): Citrus and grapefruit with subtle floral balance
  • Citra (kettle): Strong citrus, tropical fruit and slightly floral

“We experimented with dozens of test batch IPAs in our nanobrewery with different combinations of hops and grapefruit, and love this marriage of citrus and bitterness,” said Seth Adams, Brewer at Samuel Adams. “Rebel Grapefruit IPA showcases what we like most about American hops, and we’re psyched that drinkers can now enjoy this juicy IPA at home and at their favorite bar.”

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