BOSTON, The brewers at Samuel Adams have teamed up with the experts at Weber Grills to combine two of America’s favorite summer traditions, grilling and craft beer. Together, they have created the ultimate DIY activity for craft beer-loving, backyard pit-masters: Samuel Adams Summer Ale-soaked wood chips, designed to turn any gas or charcoal grill into a flavorful smoker. A recent survey found that half of American adults have never smoked meat on a grill, but almost 70% believe that grilling with beer would take their grilling to the next level. All the more reason to test-drive this simple smoking method that infuses grilled food with the delicious flavors of Samuel Adams beer.

When Samuel Adams Brewer and Director of Brewery Programs Jennifer Glanville got behind the grill with Weber Grill Master Kevin Kolman, they quickly discovered that soaking wood chips in Samuel Adams beer would add a new element to smoking on the grill. When placed on the hot coals of a charcoal grill or in a smoker tray on a gas grill, Weber Apple Wood Chips soaked in Samuel Adams Summer Ale infuse flavor into grilled food including a slightly sweet and citrusy note imparted by the lemon peel in Summer Ale to a subtle peppery flavor from Grains of Paradise used as a spice in the brew.

“As a brewer and self-proclaimed foodie, I’m constantly trying new ways to incorporate beer into my recipes,” said Glanville. “Kevin and I first started experimenting with wood chips soaked in beer last summer. We were amazed by their aroma on the grill, but then when we tasted food smoked with Weber’s Wood Chips soaked in Samuel Adams Summer Ale, we were blown away by the even bigger punch of flavor this method added to our recipes. This year, we developed an easy yet impactful DIY activity for beer-soaked wood chips that any backyard griller can use to impress family and friends while enjoying a Summer Ale.”

More than half (52%) of American adults have incorporated beer into their grilling recipes, and Weber Grill Master Kevin Kolman is one of them. “Smoking is one of my favorite grilling techniques, but adding Samuel Adams beer into the equation truly takes it to the next level,” says Kolman. “The flavors you can introduce by smoking with beer-soaked wood chips can’t be replicated by any other cooking technique. For best results, be sure to keep your grill lid closed to ensure the smoke permeates the food. It’s simple, delicious and combines the two flavorful worlds of grilling and craft beer.”

Samuel Adams Summer Ale-Soaked Wood Chips Method developed by Kevin Kolman, Weber Grills:
To maximize the flavors and aromas of Samuel Adams Summer Ale, soak the wood chips for at least 30 minutes. The wood chips can be soaked by placing them in a bucket and covering them fully with Samuel Adams Summer Ale.

  • After soaking, remove the chips and drain excess beer. The wood chips should be damp, not dripping wet when placed in the grill to help prolong their ability to smolder, rather than burn, and add more beer flavor to the food. We recommend using Weber’s Apple Wood Chips.

Tips for Smoking on a Charcoal Grill:

  • Light a pile of charcoal briquettes on the grill grate, or for best results use a chimney starter to light your coals.
  • Sprinkle a handful of damp wood chips directly onto the coals once they are covered in white ash and place the lid on the grill. As smoke begins to pour out of the grill, place your food on top of the grill grate and re-cover. Be sure to position the vent on the opposite side of the charcoal to draw heat and smoke over the food as it leaves the grill.
  • Begin grilling the food, and add coals as necessary to maintain heat.

 Tips for Smoking on a Gas Grill:

Some gas grills come with a built-in smoker box, which can simply be filled with the wood chips soaked in Summer Ale. If your grill doesn’t have a built-in smoker box, follow these simple steps:

  • Use the Weber Firespice Apple Smoker Tray which is pre-filled with the Apple Wood Chips.
  • The wood chips can be soaked by placing the entire pre-made tin in a bucket and covering it fully with Samuel Adams Summer Ale. Soak for at least 30 minutes to maximize flavor and allow the wood to fully absorb the beer.
  • When ready to grill, take the Weber Firespice Apple Smoker Tray out of the liquid using tongs and place directly on the heated grill grates (not under the grates).

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