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Ram Bighorn Brewery (Northgate)

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Ram Bighorn Brewery – Northgate
401 NE Northgate Way
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 364-8000

Started my Sunday up in Seattle off at the Ram Bighorn Brewery (Northgate). It was tucked in with the Northgate Mall so it was easy to find and the parking at the time was very abundant. It had the look of the similar Ran Bighorns I have stopped at before. Big huge Silo outside to indicate they have something brewing there. The brewery was tucked in the back and it was pretty big from what I could see. Over 20 TV’s going like crazy and the NFL games where in full display. If you had a favorite team you could see them in your special viewing area while drinking Ram Beer’s and eating the pub food. The service was actually pretty good they had some idea f the beers and where able to guide me to the specials. I had an Oktoberfest due to it just felt right for the timing. The place was clean the bar was huge and if you do not like to shop but the family wants to shop you could spend a nice afternoon drinking and watching sports. The beer was nicely brewed and I enjoyed myself.

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