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Beveridge Place Pub – Barleywine Bacchanal

By March 5, 2021No Comments

6451 California Ave SW
, WA 98136
(206) 932-9906

Arrived here to the Beveridge place don’t ask me about the spelling I did not do it even my spell check goes nuts.  They where having a Barley wine festival and wow it was kick ass.  12 tasters that my friend and I split and they where tasty.  The bar is impressive and wow you can look at that 100 year old wood and just be amazed who might have drank on this bar.  The look was something old, new and just plain awesome.  The brews where old ’05 vintages all the way up to new ’09.  We found some to be super with flavor, and great finishes.  And well you have to have a few that fall flat.  That’s up to each to find these out.  A great festival and a great place this was a super time.  If you are a dog owner and want to bring the pooch for a drink this is the place.  Almost every local had there dog with them.  We even saw a small horse or huge Misfit.   I will say the Beveridge place goes all out had the proper glass wear and they even had great notes on each brew.  This is a must stop in the West Seattle beer arena.  Usual tap handles are numbered at 22 with a great list and over 200 rare to not so rare brews in the bottle.  No food here but you can order in or bring it with you.  

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