When’s the last time you saw a old time Flattop can where you have to use a Churchkey?  I for one know it has been a long time.  I am predicting for most of us it has been a good 30 years.  The last one I ever saw was Grandpa drinking his cold beer way back when.

Now turn the clock ahead 30 years 2012 this April we have the unveiling of the new Churchkey Can Co.  Brewed in Washington State this old concept has a new feel and new great taste.  Pilsner flavored every day drinking ale with the new Flat top cans and then add a Churchkey – that’s right just like Grandpa.  So for every 6pack you buy there will be a Churchkey right alongside for you to use.  Good cause I am for one not sure if I have one in my utensil drawer. Check out the video and get ready for some new tasty beer.  Said to be released April 15.

Original Flat Top Beer Can from Churchkey Can co. on Vimeo.

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