Alaska Spring Break

BrewDad – Heads to Alaska for Spring Break (Day 1)

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BrewDad goes to Alaska for Spring Break –

Day 1 – We all know that my quest is to find the Ultimate Barley Pop.  So what do I do I head 1900 miles north up to Anchorage AK in the middle of winter to find the best barley pops they got.  What do I get when I arrive 10 degrees blustery cold wind blowing snow and drifts well over 6 feet tall.  Of course of all times to come to AlaskaI go during the worst winter on the books.  3 more inches of snow they break a 100 year snow record.  I get the last car in the lot oh and to add it is the smallest clown car they got.  I then head to the first brewery on my list.  Midnight Sun Brewing was the first stop.  I arrive to a brewery in full production brewing the famous CoHo Imperial IPA.  I take a picture of the front garage door and about freeze my poor hands.  I see as I walk in the big walk in door covered in stickers.  BrewDad is going to have to tag this bad boy for sure.  Then I head to the upstairs where the taps are flowing.  The list makes this BrewDad super happy.  What to try first?  I go with an Oaked Tree Hugger and this tasty brew an Imperial Stout with fresh spruce tips and has been aged in oak barrels.  Holy cow this was so smooth, tasty and nearly perfect I thought I was going to have a beer-gasm.  Next after that was a side by side with Oaked and regular tree hugger and wow they have got this down pat.  Next I try some XXX Double Black IPA and this was a totally off the wall honestly awesome CDA.  Now knowing I had more places to go to I would make this short visit but I will be back. As I leave I talk with Jeremiah the head brewer and we chatted brews for quite some time. He invites me back for more about the brewery.  So not to worry I will be back.

Next I head to Moose’s Tooth Brewing.  I heard the food was going to be something else and the beers are also very good. I finally find the place which is hard with snow drifts and piles of snow well over the street signs making travel very tough unless you have a GPS.  Oh wait when Garmin says to turn she has no idea I am driving on ice – Hello I need more time sharp turns on 8 inches of ice makes the car do funny things.  So as I enter Moose’s tooth I find a wall of taps at the bar and a pizza menu that makes my tummy happy. 11 taps of wonderful brews.  I had a small sampler as I wanted to make this a fun trip and hell I don’t need a hangover the first night.  I tried the following  – Alpenglow Amber, Bear Tooth Ale (Brown Ale), Broken Tooth Barley wine, Wild Country Raspberry Wheat and Darth Delirium Imperial Stout.  Loved the Darth it was super tasty with lots of dark roast malts and good stout flavor. Broken Tooth Barley Wine is a killer and will hit you hard if not careful.

So it has been a long day the flight was long and now seeing such grandeur I am falling in love with Alaska thus far.  Moose sightings are 0 but I hear this will happen soon.   I decide to head to the place I am staying at.  Oh wait there’s Midnight Sun right off the road I better stop.  So one last pint for the night, add some beer chatting and tagging the big walk in cooler door.  The last of the Furlicious is on tap I better get some.  Stout brewed with Cocoa nibs and sweet Orangepeel.  This beer is brewed for a special event in Anchorage the Fur Rondy Festival.  The Fur Rondy is a big celebration for the town of Anchorage of when the mountain men would come to town with there winters fur catch to trade. Now it is a celebration of Anchorage.

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