November 7th – Learn to Homebrew Day

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AHAStand by Mead, Beer and More November 7th is Learn to Homebrew Day

—Supported by Celebrity Homebrewers Wil Wheaton and Kyle Hollingsworth—

Boulder, CO – On November 7th, the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) celebrates the 17th annual Learn to Homebrew Day, an opportunity for homebrewers to draft their non-brewer friends and family to learn all about the hobby of homebrewing. Hundreds of fun, educational events are held at homes, breweries, shops and clubs worldwide.

This year, AHA Learn to Homebrew Day—which expects over 300 local celebrations in the U.S. and abroad—is supported by actor Wil Wheaton, known for his roles in Stand by Me, Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Big Bang Theory, and musician Kyle Hollingsworth, keyboard player for rock/jam band The String Cheese Incident. Both Wheaton and Hollingsworth are avid, longtime homebrewers.

“Homebrewing is easier than you think, and when you’re finished you have beer!” said Wheaton. “The community of homebrewers in the AHA are friendly, welcoming, and supportive, always willing to share their vast knowledge with new and experienced brewers alike. Join us on AHA Learn to Homebrew Day, and you’ll discover, like I did, that homebrewing is the most rewarding hobby. And did I mention that it comes with beer?”

“Homebrewing is one of my passions,” said Hollingsworth, who encourages people to participate in Learn to Homebrew Day in a fun, 60-second video released by the AHA. “As a musician, I spend a lot of creative energy performing and writing songs, and I like to extend this creativity to my brewing process with adventurous recipes and styles. It’s always so great to come back from tour and spend time with friends brewing and making music, a great way to reconnect to my community at home.”

The AHA offers a variety of tools to help people of all skill levels begin brewing:

“As both Wil and Kyle can attest, not only is homebrewing extremely gratifying—it’s also super delicious. It’s a hobby that’s easy for anyone to get involved in,” said Gary Glass, director, American Homebrewers Association. “The AHA, which organizes Learn to Homebrew Day, offers a community and breadth of resources that are very welcoming to budding brewers.”

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