Saturday April 7th is National Beer Day.  Harmon Brewing is celebrating with a special all day party.  The Harmon Tap Room and Beer Garden will be running specials all day.  $1.00 beer during lunch. Happy Hour from 3pm until close and brewery tours from4-7pm . Cool hat competition and fun prizes handed out all day. Events start at 3pm -204 Saint Helens Avenue Tacoma, WA 98402 (253) 212-2725 National Beer Day:
New Beer’s Eve in an unofficial holiday in the United States, celebrating the end of Prohibition in the United States.

The beginning of the end of Prohibition in the United States occurred as a result of the Cullen-Harrison Act and its signing into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on March 23, 1933. Sales of beer in the U.S would become legal on April 7, 1933, provided that the state in question had enacted its own law allowing such sales. The beer had to have an alcohol content less than 3.2% (4% ABV), compared to the 0.5% limit of the Volstead Act, because 3.2% was considered too low to produce intoxication. On the evening of April 6, people lined up outside breweries and taverns, waiting for midnight when they would be able to legally purchase beer for the first time in over 13 years. Since then, the night of April 6 has been referred to as “New Beer’s Eve.”

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