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How do you feel about the Beer Tax Proposed? Foggy Noggin Brewing

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This week I am sure you are aware of the current battle with the State of Washington and the possible raising and extending the beer tax.  This is one of the most progressive and highest beer taxes proposed in the country.  So I asked the brewers/breweries the following question and below are there answers.  I got an overwhelming response so I am posting every reply I received.

The question – The Governors proposed plan is to Extend and Raise the Beer Tax here in WA State.  How do you feel this proposal will affect your brewery?
Foggy Noggin Brewery
Foggy Noggin Brewing – 
Small brewers like us will be greatly affected.  We run on very tight budgets, try to keep pricing competitive and finance equipment and future expansion.  The tax increase would require a substantial price increase to stay neutral and unsure how the market would accept this.  No price increase or very little, would basically make us a non-profit operation.

Jim Jamison – Foggy Noggin Brewing

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