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How do you feel about the Proposed Beer Tax? Maritime Pacific Brewing

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This week I am sure you are aware of the current battle with the State of Washington and the possible raising and extending the beer tax.  Making for one of the more progressive and highest beer taxes in the country.  So I asked the brewers/breweries the following question and below are there answers.  I got an overwhelming response.  I am posting every reply I received.

The question – The Governors proposed plan is to Extend and Raise the Beer Tax here in WA State.  Was hoping you could tell me how you feel this proposal would affect your brewery.  

Maritime Pacific Brewing – Maritime Brewing - WA
Thank you for contacting Maritime Pacific regarding our position on the proposed increase on beer taxes.  Our position is like those of our fellow Washington State Brewers.  This tax singles out small family owned and operated business’s that already contribute a substantial amount of revenue to the tax structure of this State.  The increase is not something that can be put easily into just dollars and cents.   This tax will have a long term impact on a growing industry.  Something the State seems to have totally ignored for the sake of tax revenue now instead of the potential of additional income later.  We want the State representatives to know that though the State needs additional revenue to pay for past sins, the addition of more “ Sin “ tax to the end consumer is not the answer.   Please write your representative and say “NO” to Representative Carlyle’s Budget Proposal regarding the adjustments in the Beer Tax Rate.

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