Many of you know I grew up in Utah. (GO Utes) Yes while I fled the oppression back when I was 20 you still have that pull on July 24th this it is a day off.  What? Yes, the entire state shuts down and has one big pioneer party.  1848 style with no beer, just one hell of a parade and lots of shooting fireworks at your neighbors.  So since your off work what better way to than have a party and Celebrate July 24th.

So a few years back someone put it together. Take Pioneer Day break it down with words and it  sounds like “Pie N Beer Day.”
So guess what folks HOPPY Pie n’ Beer Day.  To all my friends and family behind the Zion curtain may your day be filled with Pie n’ Beer.
Here are some activities for you to do after the Parade.  😉

From Utah Beer Blog (Thanks Mike) 
Pie & Beer Day FUNraiser 

Pie n' Beer Day at the RoHa Brewing Project

Pie and Beer day at Cheers to You (Midvale)

Pie and Beer Day at the Ice Haus

Pizza Pie and Beer Day at Gracie Barra Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

4th Annual Pie & Beer Day Tournament 

Pie and Beer Ride

Pie and Beer Day at Park City Brewery

Pie and Beer day BBQ at the Sun Trapp

Pie & Beer Day at St. Catherine Siena Newman Center

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