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Hoppy Pie N Beer Day – 2022

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I make no bones about it; I grew up in Utah.  No, I was not if you’re asking but most my friends were.

One thing about Utah is the 24th of July is a huge day for all those in Utah. You think the 4th if July is big go to Utah on the 24th you’d think you woke up on the 4th of July all over again with even more gusto, fireworks, and parades.  That’s right the fireworks stands are filled for another week in July for those lousy neighbors shooting off fireworks three days before and after.   The 24th of July is the celebration of the founding of Utah by Brother Brigham and his band of followers.  They call it Pioneer Day.  Recently over the years, finding on the internet someone came up with – “Pie N Beer Day.”  OMG, I had to key on this and have for many years.

So, what is the beer like in Utah.  They got all the flavors and the laws have changed (loosen) so much so there is no real difference.  You can get High ABV beer, 3.2% has gone away and yes you can buy beer on Sunday.

Back in 1989, my first Micro beer. Squatters Brewing, downtown Salt Lake City, had just opened, I was attending the University of Utah and heard about this new place that served “Micro beer.”  Captain Bastards Oatmeal Stout was the first and I was so under educated at the time. I did not know to taste for the silky-smooth oat characters added with dark chocolate and rich bitter flavors.  I however really enjoyed the beer for all that I understood for new flavors and loved seeing the brewery and all that it entailed.  My first experience was enlightened when I saw a growler fill.  Big brown glass bottle filled, and you can take home. Filled with your flavor/style of choice.  Of course, I chose the tasty thick stout and took that bad boy home.  Mom, was like you’re going to drink that in one day?  Yes, I was living at home going to college.  I was such a rookie to the whole growler idea.  I tired to make it last 4 or 5 days not realizing the beer was going to go flat real fast once I broke the seal.  Oops, so I learned and how times have changed.

Find yourself in Utah on the 24th of July have no fear the city closes, and it is time to find that Pie n Beer celebration.  Over the years it has grown from a small online joke to an actual event.

Once again, Cheers to my brothers and sisters of Utah.  May the “craft” scene continue to grow.  Remember Brother Brigham, distilled and sold alcohol back in the day.  Yet, they all forget and love to bury they truth.   Look to the hillsides with the big caves they dug the truth is there.  😉

For this old Utah boy, Pie N Beer Celebration is a must and if you’re celebrating from a far apple, cherry and or peach pies are perfect. Local craft beer, pie, and always green Jell-O with funeral potatoes.

All the Beer info from a great Utah Beer blogger – Utah Beer 

Go Utes…

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