Headed Back Home to Oly

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Finally we where done moving we got some sleep and it was now time to head back home to Olympia Washington. But wait there is one more thing we must do. Oh that’s right it would not be right nor me if we did not try to hit at least one more brewery on the way home. I need a brewery evil laugh so my wife knows uh oh here we go again. Now I have a quest that one day I have seen every brewery/brew pub at least once in the state of Washington. With over 94 to see it is going to take a while but that’s ok I like a challenge.

Whitstran Brewing Company
2880 Lee Rd., Suite B
Prosser, Washington 99350
(509) 786-3883

So next on the list was Whitstran Brewing Company in Prosser Washington the heat of Washington Wine country. This little oasis tucked in wine country was found in a strip mall dedicated to wine and vineyards showcasing there wares. So Whitstran stands out and wow it was full of the ones that love hops. A little brewery with a tasting room with a rumor they are going to open a brew pub soon I am ready to check that out when I come through again. They have a great taster package and when you’re all done the pint glass is yours to keep and show off your souvenir. I tried 9 different beer and they where all very tasty The Brewer/owner was serving and he made sure when you tried certain brews that you ate or drank it with special stuff on the side. Like the Double Chocolate stout with some yummy Belgian chocolate to make the beer experience that much better. A fun little place with card and games to play and beer quotes on every chair you sat on. If you have some time to kill in Prosser Washington send the wine drinker next door you drink the beer and you will be both happy. They have some wonderful beers if they have time the tour is also very nice with a small but very good 5 bbl system. I can’t wait to see the brew pub it has to be something else to stand out in wine country.

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