This past weekened Hair of the Dog Brewing held their annual dock sale and if you have ever been to one of these and I have it is an amazing scene of beer and people.  Alan Sprints put up two fabeled bottles of HoTD Dave for auction with all proceeds going to charity – Guide Dogs for the Blind.   It was said on HoTD facebook page the two bottles went for over $4,500.  That beats the old record of Midnught Sun M record for $1,525.  One bottles reporteldy went for over $2363.78. 

HoTD Dave is one bottle or shall I say a taste on my bucket list of must try. Until I hit the lottery or find a real great brewDad friend this will remian one white whale I may never taste.  Cheers to HoTD and Alan for doing such a great thing for charity.  Anyone got a bottle they want to share? 

Dave is an English Barley Wine. This beer was produced in 1994, and won first place at the 1998 Toronado Barley Wine Festival. The strength was achieved by taking 300 gallons of Adam and freezing it three times, leaving only 100 gallons. Always used as a teaching aid, it was produced to show people that Beer could be more than what they had experienced, and continues to do that today.

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