Burnside Brewing pouring special Chili Pepper Beer Flights to celebrate Sweet Heat’s Gold Medal Win

Thursday November 8th 3pm until the beer runs out
Burnside Brewing Co.
701 E. Burnside Ave.
Portland, OR 97214

$6 for 3 samples
$6 12oz glass of Fatali/Kali blend
or Barrel-Aged Kali

Recently returned from their first ever Great American Beer Festival in Denver, the Burnside Brewing team brought back Gold for their unique take on a hot pepper beer for Sweet Heat. To celebrate the victory the brewery is going into it’s archives to pour a special flight of Sweet Heat with 2 other rare pepper beers: Fatali Four/Kali-Ma a special blend made with Upright Brewing and Barrel-Aged Kali-Ma with Mango’s.

Both the rare beers Fatali/Kali blend and the Barrel-Aged Mango Kali have a sourness from wild yeast combined with heat from peppers and a citrus and fruity quality that plays well off of the other elements. Sour and chili beer lovers will not be disappointed in this one-time only flight that is sure to go quick.

Sweet Heat – (GABF Gold Medal Winner)
Burnside Sweet Heat is a wheat ale with an addition of
200 pounds of Apricot puree, then dry hopped with imported
Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers. Reminiscent of a Caribbean
chutney, Sweet Heat has a subtle tartness from the fruit with a
slight spiciness from the peppers which also adds a fruitiness to
the aroma. Abv: 4.9%%     ibu’s: 9

Fatali Four/Kali Blend

We made a small batch with Upright Brewing using their
Fatali Four blended with Burnside’s Kali-Ma to yield
just four 1/6 barrels. This is the last remaining keg.
Fatali Four is a tart wheat beer aged in wine and gin
barrels with wild yeast and fruity and hot Fatali Chili’s
from Marvin Estates. Blended with Kali-Ma a strong
wheat beer with Peppers and Indian spices yields a
spicy tart, complex sipper that is both refreshing and hot.

Barrel-Aged Kali-Ma with Mango’s
Kali-Ma the beer is an Imperial wheat ale or wheat wine
made with toasted cardamom, fenugreek, and cumin spices
added in addition to almost 400 pounds of apricot.
Fermented with a Belgian ale yeast harvested from
Upright Brewing. We then dry hop it with 8 pounds of
scotch bonnet and native India dandicut peppers.
This special version was aged in a Gin barrel for nearly a year
with fresh cut Champagne mangos and has taken on a sour tropical

Chili Pepper Beer Flights
$6 for 3 samples
$6 12oz glass of Fatali/Kali blend or Barrel-Aged Kali

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