Our Dick’s Dedication Series Double Danger and Seasonal Double Diamond Winter Ale Are Ready for Winter!

CENTRALIA, WA – Winter is here and that means more tasty beer from Dick’s Brewing Company. We are kicking the season off in sporting style as our Dick’s Double Diamond Winter Ale is now on tap at Century Link Field starting Friday, November 2 at the “Craft House” in Section 137.

Dick’s Double Danger Ale is made with love and respect for our mentor Dick Young.  In his honor we brewed the Double Danger with generous amounts of black malt giving it a strong roasted flavor that finishes sweet and very balanced with large amounts of Magnum hops. Our Brew Crew is proud to present this beer to you in memory of Dick.

Dick’s Double Diamond Winter Ale combines Northwest premium 2-row malted barley and ample rich Munich malt. Dick’s Brewers, Dave and Parker, add a full bag of sweet caramel malt and lots of malted white wheat, with a touch of highly roasted black barley to give complexity to this ale. To give this beer it’s backbone we add plenty of Northwest hops in the brew kettle. If you like your ales with a balanced bitterness and a nice finish try this beer to keep you toasty warm on a cold night at Century Link Field.

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