For this Cinco De Mayo I have one beer for you all to try…

Pop a Cap of Ghost Face Killah
Twisted Pine Brewing Co. releases hottest beer this side of hell

Boulder, Colorado – May 5th 2011 – Twisted Pine Brewing Company will be re-releasing Ghost Face Killah this Cinco De Mayo in 12oz single bottles.  Named one of the top 25 beers of 2010 by Beer Advocate’s Alstrom Brothers, Ghost face is brewed with five different fresh peppers before Ghost Peppers, or Bhut Jolokia, are added to the fermentation. “We wore masks and gloves when cutting the Ghost Peppers,” says Hoperations Manager Eric Mosiman, “but it didn’t matter, our eyes were still watering and our skin was still stinging. This isn’t hype, these peppers are hot!”

Mosiman notes that when drinking Ghost Face, if you survive the initial shock of the peppery heat, you are free to savor the flavors of the brew and are left with a very palatable smokiness. The wheat based ale, described as the hottest beer this side of hell, has been submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records and returns to Twisted Pine for a second tour of tongue-burning fun.  “As brewers we’re encouraged to challenge what a beer can be and continually craft innovative brews for our Ale House,” says Mosiman. Recent releases include Poison Fish- ginger wasabi brown ale, Razzy Xpress- raspberry and espresso lovers stout and IHK- Imperial India Black Ale.

Chili beer is not a new concept at Twisted Pine Brewing Co. where Billy’s Chilies has been brewed for several years. Once designed as a novelty the chili beer is now a top seller for the brewery and was the inspiration behind Ghost Face Killah. Twisted Pine Brewery, notorious for their small batch seasonal and unique brews has certainly created a distinctive drinking sensation that rapper, Ghost Face Killah, should be proud to call his namesake.

Based in Boulder, Colorado Twisted Pine Brewing Company has been handcrafting beer since 1995.  They are the brewers of such favorites as “Hoppy Boy IPA,” “Raspberry Wheat Ale” and “Billy’s Chilies.”  The Ale House is a very popular local hangout and boasts 17 taps, 5 rotating.  Twisted Pine is active with local charitable organizations and a strong believer in sustainable business practices.   You can find more information at


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