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Redhook Brewery New Summer Seasonal – Wit

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Redhook Brewery New Summer Seasonal – Wit
“Made with ginger, but still digs Mary Ann.”

Redhook releases there newest seasonal ale Redhook Wit.  This is perfect for the warm summer months of outdoors BBQ-ing, sitting by the pool or just taking a break by hanging inside, enjoying the AC and watching old re-runs of Gilligan’s Island.  Redhook’s twist on the traditional Belgian-style ale is the addition of fresh ginger, which gives a refreshing snappiness to the lighter bodied wheat beer.  Redhook Wit will be available through August.

“Wit is a refreshing, drinkable beer and Redhook is excited to bottle it for the first time this summer,” said Greg Deuhs, Redhook Brew Master.  “The beer follows traditional Belgian-style parameters while allowing for artistic freedom for our brewers.”

Tasting Notes:

  • Rehook Wit is brewed with Kolsch yeast, two-row pale, malted wheat, Vienna oats, dried orange peel, coriander and finished with ginger.
  • Redhook Wit offers a distinct citrus aroma with subtle spice, fruit and ginger flavors.
  • Redhook Wit sports a light hazy appearance and offers a refreshing thirst-quenching finish.

Redhook Wit Rundown:

  • Redhook Wit is a Belgian style ale with ginger twist.
  • Alcohol by Volume:  5.2%
  • IBU’s – 8
  • Will be available in both bottles and draught nationwide

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