Canoe Brewing

By March 5, 2021No Comments

450 Swift Street
Victoria, British Columbia CA
(250) 361-1940

My first brew pub in Canada since I have started rating places. I wish I knew earlier back 10 years ago I could have added a few more. Canoe Brewing was a excellent stop on our first day of the trip. Beautiful weather, scenery and the pub was also very good looking and clean. We ended up getting an outside table with the sun on our backs we had a taster try of some of the most excellent ales. I loved the ESB with all the flavors and malt richness this was giving off. Service was not the best she seemed super busy and really could care less we where there. Typical college kid who can careless just wants her tips. Did I mention the prices where pretty high so that was a shock. The dark ambers and porters also had such great flavors. I knew I was in for a great time in Victoria.

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