SKW Brewing Sea Town Pub

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1658 N. Coast Hwy
Newport, Oregon 97365
(541) 265-4775

August 20, 2009

A new brewery on the coast hell yes I am going to go seek it out. Found the time and we found the place it was time to see what was new. SKW which is the initials the Brewer/Owner he was there and we talked beer and found out what I could. Steve was very nice and we talked hops, barley and special Newport water. I had the taster tray and found there where some good brews and some that needed work. The Old Oil Stout was a great brew. But I have to be fair and impartial as much as I can be the Sunset Red there was something wrong with this brew it was slick and oily and very off with the aroma and flavor. Now to go back and be nice the Felony IPA was also very nice. It seemed hit and miss with some of the brews. Hey I am going to give Steve a break he is on a new 1.5 barrel system and still dialing in the recipes and the brews. I wish him all the luck he has a great music line up on weekends and some tasty treats when you are hungry. Be sure to sop by and say hi. Steve is a great host and I wish him all the best.

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