Camping Beer

By March 5, 2021No Comments

Summer is upon us now and we finally tipped over the 90 degree mark it is time to think camping. With camping there is always the great debate of what beer(s) to bring. This being my first camping trip in quite some time I am have now a whole plethora of new beers to bring on this trip. Cause with camping you always have to brig can beers. The craft beer world has come along way in the past years and there are some rockin beers in cans.

So for this camping trip I am going to be bringing along a mix of great craft brews and all are going to be canned. What’s the big deal you say? Cost is better, no light gets through and less oxidation. In other words great craft beer in a can. Easier to chill in my humble beery opinion. Remember with camping always “pack it in and pack it out.” This is much easier with a crushed empty can.
Got ideas, comments what’s your best camping

beer? Canned or bottled? Let us know.

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