Block 15 Figgy Pudding 15Block 15 Brewing – Saturday, November 14th
We’re excited to announce our annual Late Fall bottle release—this year to include Figgy Pudding, Framboise White, and Imagine. Bottles will be available through bottle release brunches at Block 15 Restaurant and Les Caves, as well as on sale at our south Corvallis tap room.

Bottle allocation
Each person will be eligible to purchase up to 6 bottles of Figgy Pudding, 3 bottles of Framboise White, and 3 bottles of Imagine. If selected for our brunch, you will be asked to pre-order your bottles, so they can be pre-boxed for you.

Figgy Pudding
Our holiday offering brewed with English pale & specialty malts, white & black figs, and black strap molasses. Matured in freshly emptied brandy barrels and gently spiced with ceylon cinnamon and allspice. 10.5% ABV

Framboise White
Inspired by the unique character of local golden raspberries, this Belgian style white ale was aged in French Oak barrels with our whimsical blend of brettanomyces, acid-producing bacteria, and organic berries, producing a tart, complex beer. 8% ABV

Belgian style stout ale, matured in bourbon barrels.  14% ABV

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