How does one tell about the Craft Brewers Conference with out sounding like a beer geek?   I have to remember I am a professional and not to get emotionally attached. I really failed in that department.  I met some of the greatest people in this industry. When you get to meet people like Garret Oliver (Brooklyn Brewing), Charlie Parpazian (Beer God), and Jennifer Talley (Red Hook/Squatters) it is hard not to be a pure beer geek and for me get all giddy to meet these truly awesome brewers and advocates for the industry. Just the other night this is no joke – Garrett, Jennifer, Vinnie Cilurzo (Russian River) and John Harris (New Brewery to be named) walk into a bar.  You know you are in the right place.  Not to mention the hundreds of other great brewers and brewing industry people you get to meet.  No wonder I lost my voice I had to talk to them all.  I met so many great people.  Pam and Oliver from Icicle Brewing out of Leavenworth WA super great people. Then these crazy people from Missouri– Joleene and Brian with Piney River Brewing super new friends that make me want to visit Missouri and see there place.  Oh and of course drink there beer. I did have Brian’s – Missouri Mule IPA – Big hop forward nose great malt flavors and a good balance.  Did I mention I just saw Tomme Aurther from Lost Abbey as I sit here writing what a geek I am. I wonder what he is thinking maybe a BrewDad Sour? One can dream.  Oh and there goes Dick Cantwell (Elysian) and Gary Fish (Deschutes).  Do I smell collaboration?

One thing I take away from this conference besides thousands of business cards and a hard liver is this is truly a unique industry where they are in competition for the same all mighty dollar but they all are apart of a huge brotherhood of brewers who love to show of there craft and in the pursuit as I always say in trying to make the greatest tasting beer.

So I say it again I am a Beer Geek and I love it and as soon as I can I will plan for next years CBC in Washington DC it is going to be truly epic.  Oh and if I did not talk to you there is always next year and note to self – Bring more business cards and drink more water.  Oh I know I met even more truly great people and please do not be offended if you where not mentioned it is just I only have so much time to write.

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