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Beer Bloggers Conference Wrap Up Days 3 & 4

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BBC12 -Day 3 Saturday –
Here’s the last post on the conference so go get your beer and get ready to read. I sure had to cowboy up for this day it was going to be a big day and it started early.  More presentations of which were all very informative.  Three tier system, Retailers telling how they do what they do and how they deal with whom they deal with. Add a big lunch/beer event with Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing.  Full tummies we then have a glass and beer comparison session. I with many in the room discovered there is a huge difference when you use the correct style of glass.  Spiegelau along with Garret Oliver making a second appearance put together a very informative and fun presentation.   Now what’s next, oh that’s right we need more beer.  So we get on a bus and head to the Indiana Microbrewers Festival.  Oh twist my arm I’ll go!  2 hours of fun and several tasty brews, and add a keg toss or two we all then head for dinner.  Can you see now why I go to this conference?  World Class Beer throws a dinner, warehouse tour and pours a few tasty brews and then hold on were not done.

“The Night of Many Beers.”  We (100+ Bloggers) bring a few of our special beers from all over and we share with all.  Oh man it is like nothing you have ever seen.  My friends (My fellow bloggers) brought many, terrific beers then there was a midnight last call well sort of. We then tried and very unsuccessfully stuff one of our hotel rooms of which we made a tad too much noise.  So the hotel which was awesome gave us the front lobby area to use to finish offALL the open bottles we still had available.  We went on for a few more hours it was 2:30am when I finally threw in the towel.  Are we done oh “Hell to the No” – we got one more half day session.

BBC12 Sunday – Oh thank god it’s the final day.
Since it is a short schedule day I will include with Saturday.  Oh man I am presenting and I’m beat.  9:30am Taking It to the Next Step – Learn from four bloggers who have taken the next step, moving from blog to writing a book, getting a job in the beer industry, or getting paid to write for the print press.  Win Bassett, Brady Walen, Evan Benn and myself presented.  I had a blast and was glad I could share my information.  Next we had another great talk on creating events and then Randy Mosher our last speaker.  Randy as you may know is full of energy and with the room still half asleep or hung-over we needed this enthusiasm.  He brought us laughter, art history and a great final talk for the conference.  I hope you see now why I go to this every year.

I love this conference it is so me and plus there is beer drinking but most of all I have made so many great friends – Life long friends.  To them I raise my pint and to you my reader have earned another beer. If anyone says anything tell them BrewDad said so.  😉

Until next year more epic stories, events and beers.  Does BrewDad get over his fear of talking in groups?  Does BrewDad find the Ultimate Barley Pop? Cheers, Chug and Via Con Dios!


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