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Beer and Soccer, Portland and Seattle, Sounders – Timbers

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Two passionate beer/soccer cities what do they do when it comes close to the start of the season.   Seattle Washington – Redhook Brewing create the Redhook ECS (Emerald City Supporters) Amber Ale – for the beloved Seattle Sounders.  In Portland Oregon- Lompoc Brewing has created the Kick Axe Dry Hopped Pale Ale for the Portland Timbers.

Kick Axe Pale Ale is a crisp, easy drinking pale ale that’s been dry hopped in the fermenter with whole leaf Cascades, giving off a huge hop aroma. It weighs in at 5.2%ABV

Red Hook ECS – Released under Redhook’s Blueline series, a limited release series brewed specifically for local distribution, No Equal Amber Lager, which comes in at 5.2% ABV and 30 IBUs, is a well-balanced beer with the perfect combination of rich malts and hop bitterness. The beer’s color comes from the generous use of Munich and Caramel malt, while its medium bitterness comes from the addition of noble hops.

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