2rowI visited 2 Row Brewing yesterday and to see that the newest brewery in Utah is doing well was exciting.  Had a nice chatting and the beers were very tasty.  I liked the IPA’s they brewed and they where very solid.

2 Row Brewing opened in Midvale, UT on June 19, 2015. The owners are Brian and DeDe Coleman, Utah locals. Brian was an avid home brewer who has won many home brewing awards around the United States and in Utah.  He is also a nationally certified beer judge.

They decided to start a small brewery and share Brian’s great beer with the public.  A lot of preparation and care goes into each batch to insure Brian’s high quality standards are met.

Beer is made with three main ingredients – malted barley, hops and yeast.  The two types of barley malt that can be used in beer are 2 row malt and 6 row malt – the “rows” refer to the number of rows that grow next to each other on the barley stalk.  “2 Row” is the highest quality malt and is used by most all craft brewers.  The picture on our logo is a “2 Row” stalk of barley.

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