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Wrap-up Washington Cask Fest 2011

By March 5, 2021No Comments

Washington Cask Fest 2011 – by the Washington Beer Commission.
Place: Seattle Center Fisher Pavilion

I arrived 30 minutes early and was in the back of the line. “See honey”, I said talking to my wife over the phone, “I need to be earlier.” There where 300+ thirsty Cask lovers waiting outside to get in and I was sure glad I had a ticket. Must have been the lack of sunshine or a huge need for beer to have that many people waiting that early in the morning.  So I counted as I went in – 37 breweries with more than 70 brews on tap.  I could tell no one was going to go home thirsty.  Some of the big brews and must haves were from Black Raven, Big Al, and newcomer Sound Brewing.  With such a fantastic variety it is almost impossible to cover all the breweries.  When I look at my notes, wonder how I missed certain brewers.  I swear something comes over me when I arrive. My well thought out plan and preprinted list go by the way side and I just forget what I was truly looking for.

The Cask fest has certainly become a must attend for Pacific Northwest Beer geeks.  The two sessions had great timing.  I had a great time, was able to use all my tokens and did not see a need to get more. The room was a good size that did not feel over crowded and very few brews ran out.  I only heard of 2 running out during the first session.  Valholl Brewing, Sound Brewing and American Brewing where all on my must try list since they were new and they did not disappoint. Until next year…I know I will be back.


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