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Washington Beer Commision – 2016 Washington Beer Open House

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WA Open HouseWashington Beer Commision – 2016 Washington Beer Open House
Have you ever wanted to see the inner working of a brewery, talk with a brewer taste some special beers.  This is your chance 12-5pm Tomorrow Feb 20. Washington Open House has 110  Breweries to open the doors and show you how it works.  I got my list do you have yours?

192 Brewing
5 Rights Brewing
54-40 Brewing
7 Seas Brewing
Airways Brewing
American Brewing
Amnesia Brewing
Anacortes Brewery
Ashtown Brewing Company
Aslan Brewing Co.
At Large Brewing
Badass Backyard Brewing
Bainbridge Island Brewing
Beardslee Public House
Big Barn Brewing
Birdsview Brewing
Black Raven Brewing
Bluebird Microcreamery and Brewery
Boundary Bay Brewery and Bistro
Chainline Brewing Company
Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen
Counterbalance Brewing Co
Crucible Brewing Company
Diamond Knot Brewpub @ MLT
Dicks Brewing
Dirty Bucket Brewing
Doomsday Brewing Co.
Downpour Brewing
Dreadnought Brewing
Dru Bru
Elliott Bay Brewing – Lake City
English Setter Brewing
Everybodys Brewing
Farmstrong Brewing Co.
Fish Brewing
Flycaster Brewing
Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery
Foggy Noggin Brewing
Fortside Brewing Company
Fremont Brewing
Geaux Brewing
Georgetown Brewing
Ghost Runner Brewery
Ghostfish Brewing
Harmon Brewery and Eatery
Hellbent Brewing Company
Herbert B. Friendly Brewing
Hilliards Beer
Horse Heaven Hills Brewery
Island Hoppin Brewery
Justice Brewing
Kulshan Brewery
Kulshan Brewery – K2 Taproom
Lantern Brewing
Lazy Boy Brewing
Loowit Brewing
LoveCraft Brewing Company
Lowercase Brewing
Lucky Envelope Brewing
Lumberjack Brewing Co.
M.T. Head Brewing
Maritime Pacific Brewing
McMenamins – Columbia
McMenamins – Mill Creek
McMenamins – Six Arms
McMenamins Anderson School
Middleton Brewing
Mollusk Restaurant & Brewery
Naked City Brewery and Taproom
Narrows Brewing
Northwest Brewing Company
Odd Otter Brewing
Optimism Brewing Co.
Pacific Brewing and Malting
Perry Street Brewing
Pike Brewing
Populuxe Brewing
Postdoc Brewing
Propolis Brewing
Ravenna Brewing Company
Redhook Ale Brewery
Reubens Brews
River Mile 38 Brewing Co.
River Time Brewing
Rooftop Brewing
Salish Sea Brewing
Schooner Exact Brewing
Scuttlebutt Brewing
Seapine Brewing Company
Silver City Brewery and Taproom
Slaughter County Brewing
Slippery Pig Brewing
Snipes Mountain Brewing
Sno Town Brewery
Sound Brewery
Sound to Summit Brewing
Spinnaker Bay Brewery
Stoup Brewing
Sumerian Brewing
Tacoma Brewing Company
Tin Dog Brewing
Top Rung Brewing
Triplehorn Brewing
Twelve Bar Brews
Twelve Strings Brewing Co.
Valholl Brewing
Walking Man Brewing
Wander Brewing
Wet Coast Brewery
Whiskey Ridge Brewing
Whitewall Brewing

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