Unknown Brewing El CraznoThe Unknown Releases This Year’s Dia de los Muertos Beer

Following up the huge success of last years El Scorpion En Fuego might be hard. Not a day goes by when the brewery is not asked when they will brew that beer again. Brad Shell says it will be a while, if ever, that specific beer will come back, but he wants to keep the inspiration going year after year.

This year the brewery releases their latest day of the dead beer named “El Corazon Que Sangra Morado”, this translates roughly to “The Heart That Bleeds Purple”. Brad says he was inspired after he and fellow brewer Dave “Morty” Morton, kept talking about a traditional Peruvian drink called Chicha Morada.

This 9.0% Ale is brewed with Peruvian purple corn, hot purple peppers, hibiscus, spices, and is dry hopped with experimental hops. This beer has a light purple tone to it and has a sweet hot finish. So far its like no other beer The Unknown has ever brewed. This seems to be a trend The Unknown has that keeps up with their culture to “Live Without Boundaries”.

El Corazon is only being packaged in 60 cases and goes on sale in the taproom Sunday November 1st, 2015

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