2010 Tacoma Craft Beer Festival – Last year not having anything to go by I was hoping for a good time that was easily achieved for sure.  Now in it’s second year with 50 breweries present and tons of beer on tap. This event has become must attend for this imbiber.  Same place as last year the Foss Waterway Seaport in Tacoma WA.  I got the opportunity to attend the Saturday session and got right down to some barley pop tasting.  M.T. Head Brewing out of Graham Washington I had the Dark Marc Black IPA.  This was a hit from the aroma to the final taste.  I think I went back a few times for this beer.  One tasty Dark Ale with great hops aroma and flavor.  Airways Brewing was also a first time tasting for me with there Sky Hag ale a tasty Double IPA.  Emerald City Brewing who also sprung on the scene with there Dottie an American lager with a great flavor.  Odin Brewing another new comer to the Pac NW beer scene they had two dark heavy beers with a Smokey Bacon stout and a Sour stout.  The sour was a regular stout with added lactic acid to add some sour flavors.  The bacon beer was also interesting with the light hint of cooked bacon and smoke flavors.  Trade Route brewing also had Dark ale with extra hops that was very tasty.

The festival founders have outdone themselves once again.  I know for this Beer Geek I look forward to next year’s event.  Cheers until next year Tacoma.

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